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ROMOTANA is a dynamic not-for-profit trade association committed to promoting and supporting the advancement of the Romanian and Moldovan American in the trucking industry of North America.

Founded by Romanian-American and Moldovan-American transportation professionals with a combined experience of over 35 years in all aspects of management and logistics, ROMOTANA’s aim is to benefit the trucking entrepreneurship and the betterment of service for the North-American supply-chain.

United not only by our common heritage and language but also by our common interests, ROMOTANA members pledge to strive for a robust pro-active engagement advocating and conducive for professionalism, safety, top performance, and fairness in every aspect of the transportation industry.

We believe that we are stronger together! Our similarities as well as our differences are certainly valuable contributions towards learning and enriching our experience, thus enabling all of us to become better at what we do as well as better citizens in society.

We encourage and support professional development! Through all our interactions, we provide members with resources and support, continuously encouraging the personal and business development of their performance and future growth opportunities.



If you are active in the transportation industry in the United States of America or Canada, in any capacity, we invite you to join us and become part of our fraternal and collegial association.


Members will benefit by participating in various social and business focused networking opportunities to aid in the personal and professional growth.

  • Special deals for our members for the areas related to our daily activities, such as safety, factoring, insurance, fuel cards, new equipment purchase, equipment finance, repairs, tires, parking, hiring, accounting, etc.
  • Networking Events – special events which provide unique business focused opportunities to meet and greet like-minded professionals and distinguished guests which represent various authorities and governing bodies connected to our industry
  • Seminars – informative and educational classes with distinguished top-rated professionals
  • Internship Opportunities – ROMOTANA will facilitate and enable through our partners the publishing of advertising and communication releases from our members who are seeking interns for certain positions
  • Recognition Annual Gala – ROMOTANA will organize annually a VIP Gala Banquet with participation of members and guests from organizations involved in our industry, awarding the people who made a difference in helping our organization and its members.
  • Newsletter – published by ROMOTANA and its affiliated media partners, covering news and studies of major interest to our members
  • Administrative Assistance – One-on-one meetings with high level professionals who pledge administrative and/or legal assistance to our association
  • Legislative Watch – Non-partisan legislative analysis, study and research purely educational and informative in nature, for the purpose of better comprehension of the changes forecasted which will then lead to adequate preparedness by our members
  • Lobbying – meetings and discussions with government representatives at times, when bills and proposed laws are considered, which may affect the transportation industry

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