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About Romotana

Romotana, a non-profit organization with a resolute mission, is committed to advancing the interests and safeguarding the rights of its members. Specifically, it serves as the unifying force for Romanian and Moldovan American trucking companies across North America, empowering them with a compelling voice within the vibrant tapestry of the North American trucking industry.

At its core, Romotana is dedicated to fostering unity among its members, creating an enviroment where their collective voices resonate harmoniously. This steadfast ally amplifies the concerns and priorities of Romanian and Moldovan American trucking companies, propelling them to the forefront of the North American trucking sector.

What we Do?


It's a powerful force that lights the path during challenging moments and celebrates victories, both big and small.


To unite is to weave together the threads of understanding, empathy, and shared purpose, creating a fabric that binds us in a collective journey.


In the tapestry of life, every shared moment becomes a treasure, and every shared heartbeat, a symphony.


It's the spark that transforms aspirations into action and turns challenges into triumphs.


It's about creating a space where understanding blossoms, and genuine conversations unfold.

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